Qian-Qyi Seeds Museum

This place, filled with energy and vitality, extends the lush grass across the ground

is exactly the wonderful place of Tainan.

The owners devoted their lifetime to collecting the seeds in the plains, ranging from the south of Tropic of Cancer to the north of HengChung Peninsula.

In the museum, we can see the biodiversity of plants in south of Taiwan.

For those who would like to experience the travelling of seeds, please make a phone call for the reservation in advance before you go visiting.

Tel: (06) 2360035

Address: No. 29-1, Ln. 451, Dongfeng Rd., North Dist., Tainan City 704, Taiwan (R.O.C)


  1. By bicycle: 15 mins away from Tainan Railway Station

  2. By Taxi


Friends often came visiting us since the guest rooms “Circlehome” was built.

I always took my friends going to the Qian-Qyi Seeds Museum.

This place is full of the power of positive, surrounding vigorous greenery, and tremendous vitality.

The greenery of the whole forest is growing in the city.

“The house is virtually being like a forest in the nature!”

I believe that this is the divine grace from The Primordial Goddess of the Earth, Gaia.

[Introduction] The Qian-Qyi Seeds Museum belongs to the husband and wife, Uncle Liang and Aunt Liang.They planted the very first beautiful seed and run their own land at about 20 years ago, initiating the long journey of seeds. Here is a corridor hanging plenty of seeds.On a sunny morning, the sunshine is beaming through the transparent canopy, riding on the bags of seeds, reflecting the shadows with varying extents on the ground. The nature is amazing!We are simply obsessed with the sunlight and shadow.

In the garden, there are no chemical product.Plants are grown on their own, and their products are made from these natural grown herbs. If you are interested in the greater understanding of the plants, distributed on the plains in the southern Taiwan, you are highly recommended to go there. In our conversation, Uncle Liang was concerned about the issues like the destructed biodiversity, the influences of the genetically modified foods, the worry of farmland afforestation, and the herbicide to the ecological catastrophe.

Uncle Liang’s enthusiam and concerns for the land are unveiled in our talk. The place is not only soothing for adults but also suitable for kids.I am always thinking that if kids are immersed by themselves in the environment of wild fragrance flowers and fertile soil often, they are supposed to be more respectful and concerned about the land. By getting involved in the nature, one’s mind would become tender.A child who appreciates, praises, and respects the nature is really great.

So, next time when you go to Tainan, remember to stop by the wonderful place!

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